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Does Your Website Have Clear Calls to Action?

Maybe we should start with what a CTA is. It stands for Call To Action.

CTAs are used to guide the user (hopefully your ideal client) through your site and tell them what to do.

Each page of your site should have 1-2 calls to action (except your homepage, that will likely have more, but the order that they are presented in matters). You don’t want to overwhelm a user with all the things they could do on your site, but you also don’t want to leave them hanging unsure what the next step is.

What is the overall goal of your site? Let’s say it’s to get a prospective client to schedule a discovery call. Should every CTA on your site just send them to the contact page? No. The CTAs should guide them through your site on a short journey with the destination being the contact page, but it doesn’t hurt to have a couple links directly to the contact page in case they already know they want to work with you.

So this could look like the hero section on your homepage linking to your portfolio. After they view your portfolio, provide a CTA that will take them to your services page. From your services page, ask them to go to your contact page and schedule a call or send you a message.

In the example above, the ‘Learn More’ link on each service card takes the user to the services page. If they already know they want to schedule a call, they can click that link to go to the contact page.

What is important for the visitor to see before they schedule a call with you? Well, they should probably view your portfolio of past work. Then they should probably learn about the services and packages you offer. And they probably would like to get to know you a little better.

Have another section on your homepage that takes them to your about page, have that page lead them to your services and/or your portfolio. Which of course, like above, leads them to your contact page.

The journey through your site matters. By the time a potential client reaches your contact page they should be excited about the expertise and resources you can bring to them and have an idea if you would be a good fit.

Want some help making sure the journey through your site is a clear, helpful one? Schedule a website audit with me and I’ll share my thoughts with you via a recorded Zoom call and a handy PDF so you can improve your site without a complete redesign.