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Editing a Webflow Website

How easy is it to edit a Webflow site?

I’ve talked to small business owners who dread having to edit their website or are afraid of breaking something (or already have) when they are just trying to add a blog post.

Even the so-called “easy” drag-and-drop platforms can be intimidating because the only way to change an image, line of text, or add a blog or portfolio piece has to be done from the backend of the website.

And a lot of times, to get a truly customized look, a site built on a “drag-and-drop” builder is heavily coded. Which makes edits even trickier.

While I enjoy offering my clients the option of sending any updates to me to do, I also want them to feel confident in their ability to do it themselves if they need or want to. And in my opinion, Webflow has the very best tools for this.

Unlike any other platform I’ve worked with, with Webflow clients have the option to never have to actually go into the backend of their website. They accomplish this by having the “Designer” which is where I build the site and the “Editor” where you can login directly from your live site and edit anything that is set to editable.

To sum up the Webflow Editor, you can:

- Login at the bottom of your live site.
- Edit things such as text, images, links, etc.
- Add items to a CMS collection such as a blog post or portfolio piece or edit existing items.
- View form submissions and download the data in a CSV.
- Edit SEO settings for each page.

Watch this helpful video on YouTube to learn more about this awesome tool!