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Responsive Design Using Webflow

Does your website look as good on mobile as it does on desktop? How about a tablet?

Have you ever been to a site on desktop and loved it but were then disappointed by a glitchy or hard to navigate mobile site?

In today’s age it is so important for your site to look good and perform well on each type of device.

This is one reason I love Webflow. They allow you to edit your design for each breakpoint (type of device) and show you how it will look on devices of various sizes.

While most builders have the ability to change some settings for mobile, it’s not much and you’re kind of stuck with what the platform thinks should happen. But Webflow is truly customizable on each and every element and the results make such a big difference.

Typically, a mobile site is going to probably be a bit simpler than it’s desktop version when it comes to animation and interactions. The text should typically be a bit smaller. You might shrink your images a bit or even change them out. Some sections or elements might even need to be completely hidden on mobile. And you can do all that and more in Webflow’s designer without having to write any code!